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The European Council for Metal Detecting was formed during an international conference in Birmingham UK, on 17th of April 2016. Delegates from seven European countries – Bulgaria, France, Ireland, Jersey, Poland, Spain and United Kingdom, with the help and support from National Council for Metal Detecting, NCMD, have joined together to form a single pan-European body which aims to protect the rights of metal detectorists and at the same time to promote responsible metal detecting practices. ECMD encourages formation of unified bodies/federations in member countries, which will be able to speak with one voice and actively contribute to a common cause. ECMD seeks to establish links and work closely with archaeologists, building a relationship on trust, mutual understanding and respect!

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Metal Detecting through Europe

With this section we will start exploring the metal detecting panorama-situations that we can find in European Countries. Step by step, after having collected the needed information, we will arrange sub-pages …

Bulgaria ….. Good Luck!

Great news for the Bulgarian Metal Detecting Federation who on December 18th signed a contract to implement a new Project titled “Increasing the participation of the civil sector in the …

Romania joins ECMD!

It gives us a great pleasure to welcome Romania as a new member of European Council for Metal Detecting. Romania will be represented within ECMD by ”Pro Detectie”, an NGO …